Hard work

Put your all into all you do. Go the extra mile.


Say hi. Make new friends. Make folks feel at home.


Do what you say you will. Fulfill your obligations. Give your customers their money’s worth.


Laugh often. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Make time for enjoyable activities (flying anyone?)


Be the best you can be. Fact check. Constantly improve. Pay attention to the details. Be meticulous.


Speak the truth. Do the right thing. Help others.


Believe that it will turn out ok. Look for solutions

AGL – Above ground level – on every level

Aviation Group Ltd (AGL) was formed in 2004 to manage aviation type clubs and publications. It provides top notch, professional publications and benefits for aviation communities and groups.

Today its flagship associations; Cessna Flyer Association and Piper Flyer Association, are number one in the world for information and support of Cessna and Piper owners.

Meet the Team

Most businesses think that product is the most important thing, but without great leadership, mission and a team that deliver results at a high level, even the best product won’t make a company successful.